Rating scale

One zombie:  This book was severely lacking brains! This means that it wasn’t enough to start a zombie outbreak! No need to worry everybody! False alarm!

1 zombie

Two zombies:  This book had potential and was basically a small zombie snack! This means that it could start a zombie outbreak but still needs a lot of work.  Take your vaccines and everything should be fine.

2 zombies

Three zombies: I liked this book. This means it grew on me like a zombie infection! This is cause for concern people, this book is highly infectious!

3 zombies

Four zombies:  I really enjoyed this book! It was more fun then a zombie apocalypse! This means I highly recommend this book and I suggest everyone running to their bunkers to survive!

4 zombies

Five zombies:  This book is one of my favorites and fulfilled my hunger for brains! This means that this book is highly recommended and I foresee this zombie infection resulting in a global pandemic!

5 Zombies



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