Earthworm Gods Review


To some this book is known as Conquer Worms. What most don’t know is the title was always intended to be Earthworm Gods. This might cause some confusion among new fans. The blame goes to the publishing company that forced Brian to change the title along time ago. The true Brian Keene fans know that the real title is Earthworm Gods.  Thankfully the title is now called Earthworm Gods under all the newly published books.

This is a summary of Earthworm Gods:

One day, it starts raining-and never stops. Global super-storms decimate the planet, eradicating most of mankind. Pockets of survivors gather on mountaintops, watching as the waters climb higher and higher. But as the tides rise, something else is rising, too.

Now, in the midst of an ecological nightmare, the remnants of humanity face a new menace, in a battle that stretches from the rooftops of submerged cities to the mountaintop islands jutting from the sea. What hope does an already-devastated mankind have against this new supernatural adversary.

The old gods are dead. Now is the time of the Earthworm Gods…

Deadite Press is proud to present this Author’s Preferred Edition of Earthworm Gods, including an all-new, lengthy afterword by the author recounting the novel’s inspiration, creation, and history

I must admit that Brian Keene knows how to write a really good Post Apocalyptic story. I’m still new to the Keene Universe, when I read this book the only other Keene book’s I’ve read were The Last Zombie graphic novels and The Rising novels. I’ve always enjoyed the compassion mixed with the horror that exists in some of the “good” characters of his stories. In Earthworms Gods the character of Teddy is an example of what I cherish most in Keene’s work. It’s a good counter balance to how cruel and harsh Keene’s other characters can be.

The one thing I love the most about Brian Keene’s books is that he has this ever growing universe existing in the background of most of his books. This was something of goat headed demonic baby he has been nursing since the early days of his career. In case you don’t know “The Thirteen” are supernatural entities that have brief cameos in fan favorites like The Rising, Dark Hallow, Jack’s Magic Beans and the book I’ve just finished Earthworm gods.

5 Zombies


I am a huge Brian Keene fan and I recommend Earthworm Gods to anyone interested or curious with his work. Those looking to get into Brian’s Labyrinth mythology should definitely check this series out.


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