The Wasteland Chronicles: Apocalypse Review

This was a very fun and interesting post apocalyptic adventure.


Here is a description of the book:

No one said survival is easy.

Set in the year 2060, Apocalypse follows sixteen-year-old Alex Keener and his quest to survive a post-apocalyptic America.

In 2030, the meteor Ragnarok impacted Earth. What is left of the United States operates underground in Bunkers – and the Bunkers do not let anyone in or out. On the surface are the Wastelanders, who live in a perpetual state of anarchy.

In the Ragnarok Crater scarring Nebraska and Wyoming, the mysterious xenovirus evolves, twisting plants, animals, and men into monstrosities with one purpose: to spread their lethal disease.

When Alex is forced from his underground home, he must survive the brutal Wasteland. Meeting friend and foe along the way, Alex discovers his fate is tied to the xenovirus – and that he might be the only one who can stop it

This book reminded me a lot of a combination of the most popular post apocalyptic fiction that I’ve enjoyed. I could see a little bit of that Fallout series, a pinch of Mad Max, and a tiny piece of The Walking Dead sprinkled throughout this story. While I’m new to the author’s work, I enjoyed how much it reminded me of my favorite stories growing up. After all I’ve always wanted to have more Fallout in my life and how awesome would it be if Fallout was turned into a series?

This is sort of a dream come true for me.

Some of the noticeable cons were that this was the work of a very young and inexperienced author. So while this was a fun and interesting adventure, I did come across some minor misspellings and errors. Those types of mistakes don’t bother me as much as it does others though. The author himself has recognized some of these mistakes and is going to go back and fix them.

Despite all of that the book was free and I considered my time with it to be a enjoyable one. If you are interested you might be able to find this book for free on the Kindle!

I give this title a four and a half stars out of five

4 zombies


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