The Staff of the Zero Hour.

I would like to welcome Lisa and Carina Graham to the Zero Hour.

Lisa Sandberg is here to publish her book reviews for her blog and for Goodreads. Lisa has been kind enough to help me out with keeping this blog active. I’m thankful for her support and for her recommending awesome books our way. I hope to join her for future buddy reads, because I’ve always liked her taste in post apocalyptic fiction.

Carina Graham is my long time friend who I trust with my life. She and I go way back to our forum posting days. Together we plan on post a monthly serialized story featuring a virus, tormented doctors, and a vengeful cosmic being looking for revenge. Both of us have similar taste in plots about the supernatural and I am very much looking forward to writing alongside her.

We may or may not have additional staff in the future, for now it is the three of us and I couldn’t be happier with the turn out. Expect major revisions in page content and new  content in the reviews section!


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