Author Tony Faville

Just stumbled upon this new blog about a great zombie book. I liked what she said about this author and I think you may find the book very interesting as well!

aZombiefarmer Blog

I am very lucky to have met Tony Faville he is a great friend, and an amazing writer! I am a truly a fan and a friend! I have read both of Tony’s books and I am obsessed! I was very happy to find that Tony has one of his books as an audiobook as I can listen to those anytime of day, where I don’t always have time to read.

How cool is that! He is on ITunes AND! Sorry that might sound like I am asking you how cool that is, when in fact I am TELLING YOU!

Kings of the Dead

Kings of the Dead

This book is written like a journal mostly by the main character Cole Helman. His journal is filled with zombie madness, excitement, horror and some gut wrenching emotional moments. Yep he made me cry more than once, even on a re-read I cried. Tony has…

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